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Earthquakes US Desert Shores

Informations about Desert Shores

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/025)
CoordinatesLatitude : 33.4042
Longitude : -116.03972
Population1 104 inhabitants
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

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Alternative names for Desert Shores

  • Fish Springs
  • English : Desert Shores

Last earthquakes near Desert Shores


10 last earthquakes around Desert Shores

0,5US Earthquake Desert Shores
(3.61km away [2.24 miles]) (6/15/2000 7:53:59 AM UTC -)
US Earthquake Desert Shores
(6.96km away [4.32 miles]) (1/1/1983 9:36:25 AM UTC -)
2,66US Earthquake Desert Shores
(4.00km away [2.48 miles]) (5/3/1949 4:57:12 PM UTC -)
3,11US Earthquake Desert Shores
(2.68km away [1.66 miles]) (12/20/1935 7:21:23 AM UTC -)
1,32US Earthquake Ocotillo Wells
(18.08km away [11.23 miles]) (6/2/2020 9:52:52 AM UTC -)
0,83US Earthquake Mons
(83.90km away [52.14 miles]) (6/2/2020 9:52:48 AM UTC -)
0,18US Earthquake Cahuilla
(73.59km away [45.73 miles]) (6/2/2020 9:27:57 AM UTC -)
0,85US Earthquake Minnelusa
(124.75km away [77.52 miles]) (6/2/2020 9:04:02 AM UTC -)
0,82US Earthquake Minnelusa
(125.60km away [78.05 miles]) (6/2/2020 8:26:40 AM UTC -)
1,07US Earthquake Minnelusa
(124.95km away [77.64 miles]) (6/2/2020 8:05:13 AM UTC -)

Cities near Desert Shores

US Coolidge Springs1.48km away (0.92 miles)
US Salton Sea Beach4.15km away (2.58 miles)422 inhabitants
US Oasis8.79km away (5.46 miles)6 890 inhabitants
US Truckhaven13.28km away (8.25 miles)
US Salton City14.09km away (8.75 miles)3 763 inhabitants
US Caleb (historical)14.93km away (9.27 miles)
US Desert Camp15.33km away (9.53 miles)
US Desert Beach15.98km away (9.93 miles)
US Mortmar16.25km away (10.10 miles)211 inhabitants
US Salton16.36km away (10.16 miles)
US Ferrum17.69km away (10.99 miles)
US Squeaky Springs (historical)18.38km away (11.42 miles)
US Mecca19.04km away (11.83 miles)8 577 inhabitants
US Durmid19.43km away (12.07 miles)
US Martinez20.55km away (12.77 miles)
US One Hundred Palms21.46km away (13.33 miles)
US Rancho Dos Palmas22.04km away (13.70 miles)
US Valerie22.51km away (13.98 miles)
US Bertram24.00km away (14.91 miles)
US Thermal27.86km away (17.31 miles)2 865 inhabitants

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