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Earthquakes US Desert Edge

Informations about Desert Edge

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/065)
CoordinatesLatitude : 33.92417
Longitude : -116.44139
Population3 822 inhabitants
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

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Last earthquakes near Desert Edge


10 last earthquakes around Desert Edge

0,94US Earthquake Desert Edge
(7.99km away [4.96 miles]) (1/28/2020 3:08:04 AM UTC -)
1,1US Earthquake Desert Edge
(7.89km away [4.90 miles]) (1/22/2020 8:24:39 AM UTC -)
1,69US Earthquake Desert Edge
(6.94km away [4.31 miles]) (1/22/2020 6:55:06 AM UTC -)
1,11US Earthquake Desert Edge
(7.11km away [4.42 miles]) (1/22/2020 3:39:37 AM UTC -)
0,82US Earthquake Desert Edge
(8.01km away [4.98 miles]) (1/5/2020 2:58:24 AM UTC -)
1,27US Earthquake Desert Edge
(7.12km away [4.42 miles]) (11/29/2019 2:13:38 PM UTC -)
1,31US Earthquake Desert Edge
(8.33km away [5.18 miles]) (11/17/2019 9:55:45 PM UTC -)
0,75US Earthquake Desert Edge
(4.67km away [2.90 miles]) (10/1/2019 3:31:44 PM UTC -)
0,66US Earthquake Desert Edge
(6.37km away [3.96 miles]) (9/1/2019 12:16:16 PM UTC -)
0,92US Earthquake Desert Edge
(10.16km away [6.31 miles]) (7/9/2019 4:12:38 PM UTC -)

Cities near Desert Edge

US Dos Palmas Corners5.60km away (3.48 miles)
US Desert Hot Springs7.10km away (4.41 miles)28 335 inhabitants
US Sky Valley Mobile Home Park7.78km away (4.83 miles)
US Salvia8.01km away (4.97 miles)
US Sky Valley9.05km away (5.62 miles)2 406 inhabitants
US North Palm Springs9.39km away (5.84 miles)
US Rimlon9.65km away (5.99 miles)
US Garnet9.94km away (6.17 miles)7 543 inhabitants
US Carefree Mobile Village11.21km away (6.97 miles)
US Thousand Palms12.52km away (7.78 miles)7 715 inhabitants
US Edom13.85km away (8.61 miles)
US Palm Springs14.19km away (8.82 miles)47 371 inhabitants
US Shadow Ridge Creek14.28km away (8.87 miles)
US Royal Palms14.46km away (8.99 miles)
US Caliente Sands14.63km away (9.09 miles)
US Willis Palms14.95km away (9.29 miles)
US Dorado Mobile Home Park15.22km away (9.46 miles)
US Mahoney Trailer Park15.34km away (9.53 miles)
US Desert Hills Trailer Park15.96km away (9.92 miles)
US Suntown16.03km away (9.96 miles)

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