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Earthquakes US Cora

Informations about Cora

CountryUnited States of America
RegionOklahoma (OK/151)
CoordinatesLatitude : 36.79781
Longitude : -98.91704
Time zoneAmerica/Chicago (GMT -6h)

Last earthquakes near Cora


10 last earthquakes around Cora

1,78US Earthquake Belva
(31.77km away [19.74 miles]) (1/19/2020 1:57:41 PM UTC -)
2,52US Earthquake Heman
(29.87km away [18.56 miles]) (1/19/2020 11:54:15 AM UTC -)
2,52US Earthquake Heman
(27.89km away [17.33 miles]) (1/19/2020 7:14:33 AM UTC -)
1,78US Earthquake Heman
(30.32km away [18.84 miles]) (1/19/2020 6:51:15 AM UTC -)
2,6US Earthquake Wakita
(89.52km away [55.63 miles]) (1/18/2020 6:20:24 AM UTC -)
1,98US Earthquake Ames
(86.28km away [53.61 miles]) (1/17/2020 6:18:11 PM UTC -)
1,4US Earthquake Meno
(85.29km away [53.00 miles]) (1/17/2020 12:35:00 PM UTC -)
1,99US Earthquake Lacey
(104.97km away [65.23 miles]) (1/17/2020 7:06:55 AM UTC -)
1,38US Earthquake Togo
(38.39km away [23.86 miles]) (1/17/2020 3:39:33 AM UTC -)
1,62US Earthquake Heman
(30.17km away [18.74 miles]) (1/16/2020 11:09:18 AM UTC -)

Cities near Cora

US Tegarden4.73km away (2.94 miles)
US Fairvalley11.83km away (7.35 miles)
US Avard15.86km away (9.86 miles)24 inhabitants
US Noel17.73km away (11.02 miles)
US Freedom17.75km away (11.03 miles)307 inhabitants
US Winchester20.70km away (12.87 miles)
US Alva22.29km away (13.85 miles)5 180 inhabitants
US Waynoka24.22km away (15.05 miles)966 inhabitants
US Hopeton25.51km away (15.85 miles)
US Edith26.23km away (16.30 miles)
US Brink27.58km away (17.14 miles)
US Plainview29.29km away (18.20 miles)
US Heman29.35km away (18.24 miles)
US Eldred31.11km away (19.33 miles)
US Aetna32.11km away (19.95 miles)
US Capron32.18km away (20.00 miles)23 inhabitants
US Belva33.67km away (20.92 miles)
US Hardtner33.85km away (21.03 miles)173 inhabitants
US Ashley34.97km away (21.73 miles)
US Dacoma35.13km away (21.83 miles)114 inhabitants

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