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Earthquakes US Columbus

Informations about Columbus

CountryUnited States of America
RegionNevada (NV/009)
CoordinatesLatitude : 38.11021
Longitude : -118.01928
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

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Alternative names for Columbus

  • Russian : Колумбус

Last earthquakes near Columbus


10 last earthquakes around Columbus

1,4US Earthquake Columbus
(3.72km away [2.31 miles]) (7/13/2020 7:14:54 PM UTC -)
1,5US Earthquake Columbus
(4.50km away [2.80 miles]) (7/13/2020 7:21:07 AM UTC -)
1,9US Earthquake Columbus
(2.03km away [1.26 miles]) (7/13/2020 1:52:30 AM UTC -)
1,7US Earthquake Columbus
(4.77km away [2.96 miles]) (7/12/2020 2:41:30 PM UTC -)
1,3US Earthquake Columbus
(2.17km away [1.35 miles]) (7/12/2020 2:24:23 PM UTC -)
0,6US Earthquake Columbus
(4.10km away [2.55 miles]) (7/12/2020 2:23:28 PM UTC -)
1US Earthquake Columbus
(3.49km away [2.17 miles]) (7/12/2020 2:16:09 PM UTC -)
0,7US Earthquake Columbus
(4.18km away [2.60 miles]) (7/12/2020 11:27:35 AM UTC -)
1,4US Earthquake Columbus
(4.16km away [2.58 miles]) (7/12/2020 5:55:53 AM UTC -)
1,8US Earthquake Columbus
(2.30km away [1.43 miles]) (7/12/2020 3:12:58 AM UTC -)

Cities near Columbus

US Argentum (historical)2.46km away (1.53 miles)
US Metallic City (historical)7.42km away (4.61 miles)
US Candelaria (historical)8.18km away (5.08 miles)
US Calmville (historical)11.35km away (7.05 miles)
US Coaldale (historical)13.36km away (8.30 miles)
US Coaldale Junction14.52km away (9.02 miles)
US Coaldale15.07km away (9.37 miles)
US Candelaria Junction16.05km away (9.98 miles)
US Tonopah Junction18.43km away (11.45 miles)
US Belleville (historical)18.56km away (11.53 miles)
US Rhodes (historical)19.91km away (12.37 miles)
US Blair Junction (historical)24.33km away (15.12 miles)
US Basalt25.02km away (15.55 miles)
US Sodaville26.72km away (16.60 miles)
US The Crossing27.10km away (16.84 miles)
US Fish Lake (historical)27.23km away (16.92 miles)
US Bley (historical)28.92km away (17.97 miles)
US Gilbert (historical)29.80km away (18.52 miles)
US Camp Douglas29.92km away (18.59 miles)
US Gold Hit30.17km away (18.74 miles)

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