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Earthquakes US College Park

Informations about College Park

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/085)
CoordinatesLatitude : 37.34216
Longitude : -121.89968
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

Last earthquakes near College Park


10 last earthquakes around College Park

1,19US Earthquake College Park
(1.05km away [0.66 miles]) (3/23/2008 3:44:40 PM UTC -)
1,54US Earthquake College Park
(1.72km away [1.07 miles]) (4/3/1982 2:55:26 AM UTC -)
1,57US Quarry blast Sulphur Springs (historical)
(89.60km away [55.68 miles]) (8/13/2020 7:23:07 PM UTC -)
0,94US Quarry blast Penvir
(95.10km away [59.10 miles]) (8/13/2020 7:02:46 PM UTC -)
2,31US Earthquake East Foothills
(13.97km away [8.68 miles]) (8/13/2020 2:41:43 PM UTC -)
1,71US Earthquake Trent
(98.45km away [61.18 miles]) (8/13/2020 9:38:43 AM UTC -)
1,25US Earthquake Madrone Soda Springs (historical)
(38.30km away [23.80 miles]) (8/13/2020 8:59:07 AM UTC -)
2,12US Earthquake Mercey Hot Springs
(117.39km away [72.94 miles]) (8/13/2020 4:18:26 AM UTC -)
1,89US Earthquake Aromas
(55.29km away [34.35 miles]) (8/12/2020 6:03:19 PM UTC -)
0,35US Earthquake East Foothills
(12.62km away [7.84 miles]) (8/12/2020 5:59:38 PM UTC -)

Cities near College Park

US San Jose0.52km away (0.32 miles)1 026 908 inhabitants
US Heinlenville (historical)1.13km away (0.70 miles)
US Sunol-Midtown2.11km away (1.31 miles)
US Buena Vista2.76km away (1.72 miles)1 704 inhabitants
US Buena Vista (historical)2.77km away (1.72 miles)
US Garden City Trailer Court2.87km away (1.78 miles)
US Trailer Tel Mobile Home Park2.94km away (1.82 miles)
US Travelodge Mobile Home Park3.34km away (2.08 miles)
US Riverbend Family Mobile Home Park3.48km away (2.16 miles)
US Burbank3.52km away (2.19 miles)4 926 inhabitants
US Parkmoor3.62km away (2.25 miles)
US Golden Wheeler Mobile Home Park3.65km away (2.27 miles)
US Willow Glen4.24km away (2.63 miles)
US Fairgrounds4.55km away (2.83 miles)
US Fruitdale4.55km away (2.83 miles)935 inhabitants
US Wayne4.86km away (3.02 miles)
US Santa Clara5.09km away (3.16 miles)126 215 inhabitants
US Winchester Ranch Mobile Home Park5.56km away (3.45 miles)
US Santa Clara Trailer Village5.74km away (3.57 miles)
US Berryessa6.02km away (3.74 miles)

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