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Earthquakes US Coaldale Junction

Informations about Coaldale Junction

CountryUnited States of America
RegionNevada (NV/009)
CoordinatesLatitude : 38.0316
Longitude : -117.88705
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

Alternative names for Coaldale Junction

  • Coaldale
  • English : Coaldale Junction

Last earthquakes near Coaldale Junction


10 last earthquakes around Coaldale Junction

0,2US Earthquake Argentum (historical)
(18.78km away [11.67 miles]) (5/20/2021 4:46:22 AM UTC -)
0,6US Earthquake Argentum (historical)
(15.01km away [9.33 miles]) (5/20/2021 4:45:01 AM UTC -)
0,7US Earthquake Argentum (historical)
(14.38km away [8.93 miles]) (5/20/2021 4:43:11 AM UTC -)
0,8US Earthquake Argentum (historical)
(14.81km away [9.20 miles]) (5/20/2021 4:39:09 AM UTC -)
1,1US Earthquake Argentum (historical)
(14.66km away [9.11 miles]) (5/20/2021 4:37:07 AM UTC -)
1US Earthquake Argentum (historical)
(16.04km away [9.97 miles]) (5/20/2021 4:23:23 AM UTC -)
1,4US Earthquake Argentum (historical)
(15.17km away [9.42 miles]) (5/20/2021 4:05:02 AM UTC -)
1,1US Earthquake Argentum (historical)
(15.11km away [9.39 miles]) (5/20/2021 3:58:56 AM UTC -)
4US Earthquake Argentum (historical)
(15.01km away [9.33 miles]) (5/20/2021 3:43:52 AM UTC -)
3,6US Earthquake Gilbert (historical)
(17.71km away [11.00 miles]) (5/20/2021 3:43:51 AM UTC -)

Cities near Coaldale Junction

US Coaldale0.58km away (0.36 miles)
US Coaldale (historical)1.33km away (0.83 miles)
US Calmville (historical)10.02km away (6.23 miles)
US Blair Junction (historical)10.27km away (6.38 miles)
US Argentum (historical)13.40km away (8.33 miles)
US Columbus14.52km away (9.02 miles)
US Fish Lake (historical)18.61km away (11.56 miles)
US The Crossing19.49km away (12.11 miles)
US McLeans20.68km away (12.85 miles)
US Metallic City (historical)21.94km away (13.63 miles)
US Candelaria (historical)22.68km away (14.09 miles)
US Alum (historical)23.69km away (14.72 miles)
US Gilbert (historical)24.75km away (15.38 miles)
US Barrel Spring (historical)26.96km away (16.75 miles)
US Coyote Hole27.07km away (16.82 miles)
US Alpine (historical)28.28km away (17.57 miles)
US Arlemont (historical)28.57km away (17.75 miles)
US Candelaria Junction30.46km away (18.93 miles)
US Stimler (historical)30.47km away (18.93 miles)
US Weepah30.87km away (19.18 miles)

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