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Earthquakes AR Catúa

Informations about Catúa

RegionJujuy (10/38084)
CoordinatesLatitude : -23.87105
Longitude : -67.00558
Time zoneAmerica/Argentina/Jujuy (GMT -3h)

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Last earthquakes near Catúa


10 last earthquakes around Catúa

4,4AR Earthquake Catúa
(20.47km away [12.72 miles]) (1/6/2020 9:21:17 PM UTC -)
4,6AR Earthquake Catúa
(13.94km away [8.66 miles]) (12/19/2019 6:36:40 PM UTC -)
4,2AR Earthquake Catúa
(6.05km away [3.76 miles]) (12/16/2019 2:16:15 AM UTC -)
4,5AR Earthquake Catúa
(16.57km away [10.30 miles]) (12/9/2019 8:19:04 AM UTC -)
4,1AR Earthquake Catúa
(19.64km away [12.20 miles]) (11/17/2019 12:35:34 AM UTC -)
4,7AR Earthquake Catúa
(29.96km away [18.61 miles]) (10/27/2019 11:47:37 PM UTC -)
4,1AR Earthquake Catúa
(22.34km away [13.88 miles]) (9/26/2019 10:18:11 PM UTC -)
4,9AR Earthquake Catúa
(23.29km away [14.47 miles]) (9/2/2019 8:53:30 PM UTC -)
4,6AR Earthquake Catúa
(21.15km away [13.14 miles]) (6/18/2019 3:00:01 AM UTC -)
4AR Earthquake Catúa
(26.35km away [16.37 miles]) (4/8/2019 2:40:00 PM UTC -)

Cities near Catúa

AR Siberia14.50km away (9.01 miles)
AR Medanitos20.95km away (13.02 miles)
AR El Porvenir21.86km away (13.58 miles)
AR Huaitiquina23.98km away (14.90 miles)
AR Agua Blanca43.50km away (27.03 miles)
AR Sey44.96km away (27.94 miles)
AR Sijes47.62km away (29.59 miles)
CL Campamento El Laco49.44km away (30.72 miles)
AR Salar de Pocitos55.80km away (34.67 miles)
AR Olaroz Chico56.72km away (35.25 miles)
CL Lever62.98km away (39.13 miles)
AR Olaroz Grande65.31km away (40.58 miles)
AR Chorrillos73.15km away (45.45 miles)
AR Santa Rosa de Pastos Grandes73.74km away (45.82 miles)
AR Sepulturas74.54km away (46.32 miles)
AR Cobres75.76km away (47.08 miles)
AR San Antonio de los Cobres79.79km away (49.58 miles)4 000 inhabitants
AR Los Patos83.57km away (51.93 miles)
AR Susques83.70km away (52.01 miles)
AR Tolar Grande89.13km away (55.38 miles)

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