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Earthquakes NZ Castle Hill

Informations about Castle Hill

CountryNew Zealand
RegionCanterbury (E9/062)
CoordinatesLatitude : -43.2053
Longitude : 171.71811
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Castle Hill


10 last earthquakes around Castle Hill

2,81NZ Earthquake Castle Hill
(8.74km away [5.43 miles]) (4/12/2020 2:39:44 PM UTC -)
1,94NZ Earthquake Castle Hill
(8.67km away [5.39 miles]) (1/25/2020 3:15:56 AM UTC -)
1,02NZ Earthquake Castle Hill
(9.66km away [6.00 miles]) (1/24/2020 9:23:46 AM UTC -)
2,04NZ Earthquake Castle Hill
(9.96km away [6.19 miles]) (10/31/2019 1:50:30 PM UTC -)
1,99NZ Earthquake Castle Hill
(7.98km away [4.96 miles]) (8/11/2019 4:13:17 AM UTC -)
1,73NZ Earthquake Castle Hill
(10.90km away [6.77 miles]) (8/4/2019 5:12:59 PM UTC -)
2,2NZ Earthquake Castle Hill
(11.61km away [7.21 miles]) (6/30/2019 2:34:26 AM UTC -)
1,73NZ Earthquake Castle Hill
(12.65km away [7.86 miles]) (6/17/2019 2:08:56 AM UTC -)
1,53NZ Earthquake Castle Hill
(10.60km away [6.59 miles]) (6/16/2019 5:27:36 PM UTC -)
1,13NZ Earthquake Castle Hill
(11.17km away [6.94 miles]) (6/14/2019 11:05:09 PM UTC -)

Cities near Castle Hill

NZ Craigieburn16.82km away (10.45 miles)
NZ Cass19.17km away (11.91 miles)1 inhabitants
NZ Kowai Bush19.24km away (11.96 miles)
NZ Bealey21.41km away (13.31 miles)
NZ Springfield21.50km away (13.36 miles)
NZ Lake Coleridge23.39km away (14.53 miles)
NZ Annat30.24km away (18.79 miles)
NZ Arthur’s Pass30.97km away (19.25 miles)930 inhabitants
NZ Sheffield31.27km away (19.43 miles)
NZ Coopers Creek32.16km away (19.98 miles)
NZ Bexley32.52km away (20.21 miles)
NZ Whitecliffs32.61km away (20.26 miles)
NZ South Malvern32.61km away (20.26 miles)
NZ Windwhistle32.93km away (20.46 miles)
NZ Waddington33.49km away (20.81 miles)
NZ Rakaia Gorge35.10km away (21.81 miles)
NZ Glentunnel35.52km away (22.07 miles)
NZ Glenroy35.89km away (22.30 miles)
NZ Coalgate36.92km away (22.94 miles)
NZ Oxford39.16km away (24.34 miles)1 776 inhabitants

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