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4,7IDEarthquake Garantahbawah
4,6IDEarthquake Pondole
5,5AREarthquake El Hoyo
4,7FJEarthquake Ono Levu

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0,59USEarthquake Junction Ranch
1,47USEarthquake Skytop
0,94USEarthquake Aguanga
0,76USEarthquake Mammoth Lakes
0,45USEarthquake Morettis Junction

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Earthquakes CA Canyon

Informations about Canyon

RegionYukon (12)
CoordinatesLatitude : 60.85767
Longitude : -137.0581
Time zoneAmerica/Whitehorse (GMT -8h)

Last earthquakes near Canyon


10 last earthquakes around Canyon

0,6CA Earthquake Canyon
(13.60km away [8.45 miles]) (2/12/2019 2:36:23 AM UTC -)
1,1CA Earthquake Canyon
(40.75km away [25.32 miles]) (1/11/2015 12:50:05 AM UTC -)
1,7CA Earthquake Haines Junction
(34.47km away [21.42 miles]) (1/22/2020 1:53:56 AM UTC -)
2,4CA Earthquake Silver City
(77.68km away [48.27 miles]) (1/3/2020 6:32:09 PM UTC -)
2,6CA Earthquake Silver City
(83.09km away [51.63 miles]) (1/3/2020 6:32:09 PM UTC -)
2,5CA Earthquake Haines Junction
(76.78km away [47.71 miles]) (12/29/2019 3:36:13 AM UTC -)
2CA Earthquake Silver City
(61.05km away [37.94 miles]) (12/12/2019 8:31:28 AM UTC -)
1,9CA Earthquake Nesketahin
(89.79km away [55.79 miles]) (11/7/2019 2:41:11 AM UTC -)
1,1CA Earthquake Silver City
(65.05km away [40.42 miles]) (10/12/2019 1:31:36 AM UTC -)
1,7CA Earthquake Silver City
(89.88km away [55.85 miles]) (10/9/2019 7:23:40 PM UTC -)

Cities near Canyon

CA Haines Junction27.24km away (16.93 miles)1 148 inhabitants
CA Champagne32.15km away (19.98 miles)
CA Bear Creek34.23km away (21.27 miles)
CA Dezadeash54.11km away (33.62 miles)
CA Stony Creek Camp57.57km away (35.77 miles)
CA Klukshu62.84km away (39.05 miles)
CA Kynocks73.57km away (45.72 miles)
CA Little River73.77km away (45.84 miles)
CA Silver City74.64km away (46.38 miles)
CA Ibex Valley77.11km away (47.91 miles)
CA Nesketahin80.76km away (50.18 miles)
CA Dalton Post82.26km away (51.11 miles)
CA Aishihik85.93km away (53.39 miles)
CA Takhini86.98km away (54.05 miles)
CA Takhini Hotspring91.86km away (57.08 miles)
CA Braeburn97.95km away (60.86 miles)
CA Mayo Road99.68km away (61.94 miles)
CA Destruction Bay104.20km away (64.75 miles)

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