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Earthquakes PR Buena Vista

Informations about Buena Vista

CountryPuerto Rico
RegionPonce (113/7268962)
CoordinatesLatitude : 18.00608
Longitude : -66.59767
Time zoneAmerica/Puerto Rico (GMT -4h)

Last earthquakes near Buena Vista


10 last earthquakes around Buena Vista

2,27PR Earthquake Buena Vista
(0.20km away [0.13 miles]) (12/2/2020 2:51:24 AM UTC -)
2,49PR Earthquake Media Quijada
(25.37km away [15.77 miles]) (5/18/2021 3:12:24 AM UTC -)
2,74PR Earthquake La Parguera Comunidad
(44.54km away [27.67 miles]) (5/17/2021 11:19:26 PM UTC -)
2,56PR Earthquake Residencial Jardines de Guanica
(32.51km away [20.20 miles]) (5/17/2021 9:20:03 PM UTC -)
2,58PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(31.47km away [19.55 miles]) (5/17/2021 8:04:46 PM UTC -)
2,38PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(35.68km away [22.17 miles]) (5/17/2021 10:35:07 AM UTC -)
2,28PR Earthquake Playa de Guánica
(33.62km away [20.89 miles]) (5/17/2021 7:44:24 AM UTC -)
1,88PR Earthquake San Agusto
(20.36km away [12.65 miles]) (5/17/2021 7:37:49 AM UTC -)
3,16PR Earthquake Tosquero (historical)
(125.62km away [78.05 miles]) (5/17/2021 6:40:08 AM UTC -)
2,36PR Earthquake Playa de Guánica
(34.63km away [21.52 miles]) (5/17/2021 6:18:15 AM UTC -)

Cities near Buena Vista

PR Vista Alegre0.09km away (0.05 miles)
PR Constancia0.23km away (0.15 miles)
PR Cuatro Calles0.40km away (0.25 miles)
PR Bucaná0.68km away (0.42 miles)
PR Caserio Doctor Gándara0.75km away (0.47 miles)
PR Los Almendros0.76km away (0.47 miles)
PR Salazar0.78km away (0.49 miles)
PR Villa Flores0.80km away (0.50 miles)
PR La Ceiba0.89km away (0.55 miles)
PR San Antón0.90km away (0.56 miles)
PR Fagot0.91km away (0.56 miles)
PR Hacienda Restaurada1.06km away (0.66 miles)
PR Los Caobos1.13km away (0.70 miles)
PR El Bosque1.19km away (0.74 miles)
PR Bélgica1.24km away (0.77 miles)
PR La Alhambra1.27km away (0.79 miles)
PR Villa Campo Alegre1.32km away (0.82 miles)
PR Altavista1.38km away (0.86 miles)
PR Camino del Sur1.44km away (0.90 miles)
PR Sabanetas1.55km away (0.97 miles)

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