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Earthquakes US Bassetts

Informations about Bassetts

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/091)
CoordinatesLatitude : 39.61962
Longitude : -120.58744
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

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Last earthquakes near Bassetts


10 last earthquakes around Bassetts

0,4US Earthquake Bassetts
(5.26km away [3.27 miles]) (1/25/2019 11:47:01 PM UTC -)
0US Earthquake Bassetts
(4.06km away [2.52 miles]) (9/19/2018 1:12:54 PM UTC -)
1US Earthquake Bassetts
(3.52km away [2.19 miles]) (9/1/2018 2:05:30 AM UTC -)
0,4US Earthquake Bassetts
(3.22km away [2.00 miles]) (8/30/2018 7:37:00 PM UTC -)
0,5US Earthquake Bassetts
(3.82km away [2.38 miles]) (1/4/2018 7:59:41 PM UTC -)
0,8US Earthquake Bassetts
(3.44km away [2.14 miles]) (11/15/2017 7:46:36 PM UTC -)
0,4US Earthquake Bassetts
(8.78km away [5.45 miles]) (9/25/2017 4:51:34 PM UTC -)
0,1US Earthquake Bassetts
(2.35km away [1.46 miles]) (8/10/2017 10:44:19 AM UTC -)
0,5US Earthquake Bassetts
(6.23km away [3.87 miles]) (6/28/2017 6:03:25 PM UTC -)
0,3US Earthquake Bassetts
(2.62km away [1.63 miles]) (6/26/2017 1:44:28 PM UTC -)

Cities near Bassetts

US Carvin Creek Homesites1.28km away (0.79 miles)
US Haskell Creek Homesites3.41km away (2.12 miles)
US Sierra City7.20km away (4.47 miles)221 inhabitants
US Loganville8.94km away (5.55 miles)
US Milton (historical)10.74km away (6.67 miles)
US Whitehawk11.65km away (7.24 miles)113 inhabitants
US Middle Waters (historical)13.26km away (8.24 miles)
US Valley Ranch13.27km away (8.25 miles)109 inhabitants
US Calpine13.69km away (8.51 miles)205 inhabitants
US Sattley13.75km away (8.54 miles)49 inhabitants
US Clio13.77km away (8.56 miles)66 inhabitants
US C-Road15.91km away (9.89 miles)150 inhabitants
US Graeagle16.54km away (10.28 miles)737 inhabitants
US Gold Mountain16.82km away (10.45 miles)80 inhabitants
US Little Jamison (historical)16.84km away (10.47 miles)
US Dentens (historical)17.17km away (10.67 miles)
US Mohawk Vista17.95km away (11.15 miles)159 inhabitants
US Feather River Park18.02km away (11.20 miles)
US Blairsden18.14km away (11.27 miles)39 inhabitants
US Mohawk18.19km away (11.30 miles)

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