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Earthquakes PR Barrio Guaypao

Informations about Barrio Guaypao

CountryPuerto Rico
RegionGuanica (055/7268668)
CoordinatesLatitude : 17.96163
Longitude : -66.9324
Time zoneAmerica/Puerto Rico (GMT -4h)

Last earthquakes near Barrio Guaypao


10 last earthquakes around Barrio Guaypao

2,03PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(22.69km away [14.10 miles]) (11/5/2019 6:28:21 AM UTC -)
1,53PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(4.26km away [2.65 miles]) (10/30/2019 10:39:06 PM UTC -)
1,62PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(10.36km away [6.44 miles]) (10/27/2019 8:58:53 AM UTC -)
2,04PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(5.19km away [3.22 miles]) (10/27/2019 7:26:46 AM UTC -)
2,1PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(10.78km away [6.70 miles]) (10/27/2019 3:28:14 AM UTC -)
1,87PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(8.87km away [5.51 miles]) (10/27/2019 1:12:39 AM UTC -)
1,92PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(6.95km away [4.32 miles]) (10/26/2019 10:36:25 PM UTC -)
1,49PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(5.32km away [3.30 miles]) (10/25/2019 9:05:32 PM UTC -)
1,69PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(8.53km away [5.30 miles]) (10/23/2019 3:11:17 PM UTC -)
1,98PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(4.41km away [2.74 miles]) (10/21/2019 7:57:14 AM UTC -)

Cities near Barrio Guaypao

PR Ensenada0.81km away (0.51 miles)
PR Guánica Zona Urbana0.92km away (0.57 miles)
PR Sagrado Corozon2.51km away (1.56 miles)
PR Bahia2.53km away (1.57 miles)
PR Playa de Guánica2.59km away (1.61 miles)
PR Guánica2.82km away (1.75 miles)9 224 inhabitants
PR Dona Clara2.95km away (1.83 miles)
PR Fuig Comunidad3.13km away (1.95 miles)
PR Residencial Jardines de Guanica3.35km away (2.08 miles)
PR Fuig3.39km away (2.10 miles)1 204 inhabitants
PR La Luna4.89km away (3.04 miles)
PR Maria Antonia4.92km away (3.06 miles)1 479 inhabitants
PR María Antonia Comunidad5.01km away (3.11 miles)
PR Balneario de Caña Gorda5.36km away (3.33 miles)
PR El Tumbao5.93km away (3.68 miles)
PR Fraternidad5.98km away (3.72 miles)
PR Cañas6.40km away (3.97 miles)
PR Campamento Borinquén6.83km away (4.25 miles)
PR Arenas7.30km away (4.53 miles)
PR La Joya7.61km away (4.73 miles)

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