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Earthquakes US Arts Trailer Court

Informations about Arts Trailer Court

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/111)
CoordinatesLatitude : 34.22362
Longitude : -119.14066
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

Last earthquakes near Arts Trailer Court


10 last earthquakes around Arts Trailer Court

1,5US Earthquake Arts Trailer Court
(2.31km away [1.43 miles]) (5/1/1997 7:21:02 AM UTC -)
2,67US Earthquake Arts Trailer Court
(1.01km away [0.63 miles]) (2/19/1962 3:25:38 AM UTC -)
1,47US Earthquake Arbolada
(29.54km away [18.35 miles]) (5/19/2021 3:11:42 PM UTC -)
1,16US Earthquake Van Ness
(79.89km away [49.64 miles]) (5/19/2021 5:46:07 AM UTC -)
1,16US Earthquake Frazier Park
(68.53km away [42.58 miles]) (5/18/2021 2:13:26 PM UTC -)
1,16US Earthquake Saticoy
(9.40km away [5.84 miles]) (5/17/2021 10:35:35 PM UTC -)
1,26US Earthquake Lakeview
(99.46km away [61.80 miles]) (5/16/2021 4:07:27 PM UTC -)
1,62US Earthquake Stallion Springs
(108.00km away [67.11 miles]) (5/16/2021 2:02:19 AM UTC -)
0,88US Earthquake Cameron
(119.06km away [73.98 miles]) (5/15/2021 12:45:57 PM UTC -)
1,33US Earthquake Meridian
(97.96km away [60.87 miles]) (5/15/2021 5:55:19 AM UTC -)

Cities near Arts Trailer Court

US Owl Mobile Manor0.26km away (0.16 miles)
US Nyland0.55km away (0.34 miles)
US El Rio2.53km away (1.57 miles)7 198 inhabitants
US Casa del Norte Mobile Home Community3.35km away (2.08 miles)
US Strickland Acres3.95km away (2.45 miles)
US Springville4.13km away (2.57 miles)
US Spanish Hills4.26km away (2.65 miles)
US Oxnard4.44km away (2.76 miles)207 254 inhabitants
US Royal Palms Mobile Home Park4.67km away (2.90 miles)
US Leesdale4.81km away (2.99 miles)
US Kimball5.79km away (3.60 miles)
US Cabrillo Village5.79km away (3.60 miles)
US Saticoy6.67km away (4.14 miles)1 029 inhabitants
US The Colony Mobile Home Park6.68km away (4.15 miles)
US Montalvo6.71km away (4.17 miles)
US West Saticoy7.10km away (4.41 miles)
US Sucrosa (historical)7.19km away (4.47 miles)
US Camarillo Mobile Estates8.14km away (5.06 miles)
US Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park8.20km away (5.09 miles)
US Old Town8.74km away (5.43 miles)

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