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Earthquakes US Armistead

Informations about Armistead

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/029)
CoordinatesLatitude : 35.54773
Longitude : -117.92757
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

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Last earthquakes near Armistead


10 last earthquakes around Armistead

0,77US Earthquake Armistead
(8.64km away [5.37 miles]) (11/2/2019 2:07:54 PM UTC -)
0,85US Earthquake Armistead
(3.19km away [1.98 miles]) (8/21/2019 12:12:42 PM UTC -)
1,09US Earthquake Armistead
(3.51km away [2.18 miles]) (8/4/2019 9:33:49 AM UTC -)
1,63US Earthquake Armistead
(5.23km away [3.25 miles]) (7/27/2019 1:58:06 AM UTC -)
1,84US Earthquake Armistead
(3.51km away [2.18 miles]) (7/9/2019 10:11:43 PM UTC -)
1,35US Earthquake Armistead
(9.24km away [5.74 miles]) (7/9/2019 6:12:03 PM UTC -)
1,34US Earthquake Armistead
(4.18km away [2.60 miles]) (7/9/2019 11:33:48 AM UTC -)
1,21US Earthquake Armistead
(4.50km away [2.80 miles]) (7/9/2019 7:42:41 AM UTC -)
2,26US Earthquake Armistead
(8.15km away [5.06 miles]) (7/8/2019 4:09:10 PM UTC -)
1,7US Earthquake Armistead
(5.17km away [3.21 miles]) (7/7/2019 7:35:18 AM UTC -)

Cities near Armistead

US Harts Place5.56km away (3.46 miles)
US Little Dixie (historical)8.92km away (5.55 miles)
US Terese (historical)13.60km away (8.45 miles)
US Indian Wells13.98km away (8.69 miles)
US Inyokern15.17km away (9.43 miles)1 099 inhabitants
US Bradys18.00km away (11.18 miles)
US China Lake Acres18.06km away (11.22 miles)1 876 inhabitants
US Leliter (historical)20.14km away (12.52 miles)
US Ricardo20.15km away (12.52 miles)
US Garlock20.42km away (12.69 miles)
US Goler Heights21.26km away (13.21 miles)
US Old Garlock21.28km away (13.22 miles)
US Saltdale21.31km away (13.24 miles)
US Ceneda21.69km away (13.48 miles)
US Redrock (historical)22.87km away (14.21 miles)
US Gypsite24.12km away (14.99 miles)
US Canebrake (historical)24.62km away (15.30 miles)
US Ridgecrest24.68km away (15.34 miles)28 780 inhabitants
US Rand25.49km away (15.84 miles)
US Brown26.10km away (16.22 miles)

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