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Earthquakes US Altamont

Informations about Altamont

CountryUnited States of America
RegionOregon (OR/035)
CoordinatesLatitude : 42.20681
Longitude : -121.73722
Population19 257 inhabitants
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

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Last earthquakes near Altamont


10 last earthquakes around Altamont

1,85US Earthquake Henley
(76.50km away [47.54 miles]) (12/12/2019 6:26:07 PM UTC -)
1,25US Earthquake Ager
(63.28km away [39.32 miles]) (12/10/2019 12:33:21 PM UTC -)
0,88US Earthquake Kinyon
(96.38km away [59.89 miles]) (12/5/2019 7:05:52 AM UTC -)
1,43US Earthquake Tennant
(82.49km away [51.26 miles]) (12/4/2019 7:15:28 AM UTC -)
3,87US Earthquake Logan
(68.17km away [42.36 miles]) (11/30/2019 1:45:40 AM UTC -)
1,01US Earthquake Bolam
(94.07km away [58.45 miles]) (11/18/2019 1:13:07 PM UTC -)
1,91US Earthquake Ager
(69.21km away [43.00 miles]) (11/6/2019 7:42:46 PM UTC -)
0,9US Earthquake Copco
(63.61km away [39.52 miles]) (11/6/2019 3:54:28 PM UTC -)
1,63US Explosion Edsalla (historical)
(82.28km away [51.13 miles]) (10/15/2019 9:05:26 PM UTC -)
1,85US Explosion Wellen (historical)
(89.59km away [55.67 miles]) (9/25/2019 10:04:55 PM UTC -)

Cities near Altamont

US Hager3.50km away (2.18 miles)
US Klamath Falls4.18km away (2.60 miles)21 399 inhabitants
US Pine Grove6.12km away (3.80 miles)
US Merganser (historical)6.13km away (3.81 miles)
US Stewart Lenox6.19km away (3.85 miles)
US Henley6.86km away (4.26 miles)
US Pelican City7.15km away (4.44 miles)
US Fairhaven7.55km away (4.69 miles)
US West Klamath (historical)7.69km away (4.78 miles)
US Falcon Heights7.89km away (4.91 miles)
US Terminal City9.02km away (5.60 miles)
US Olene9.60km away (5.97 miles)
US Midland10.90km away (6.77 miles)
US Shady Pine12.54km away (7.79 miles)
US Plevna (historical)16.48km away (10.24 miles)
US Algoma16.90km away (10.50 miles)
US Dairy18.09km away (11.24 miles)
US Keno18.25km away (11.34 miles)
US Barkley (historical)20.40km away (12.68 miles)
US Worden20.89km away (12.98 miles)

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