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Earthquakes US Alcan

Informations about Alcan

CountryUnited States of America
RegionAlaska (AK/240)
CoordinatesLatitude : 62.72306
Longitude : -141.18806
Time zoneAmerica/Anchorage (GMT -9h)

Last earthquakes near Alcan


10 last earthquakes around Alcan

1,4US Earthquake Alcan
(14.24km away [8.85 miles]) (2/22/2018 6:59:58 PM UTC -)
2US Earthquake Alcan
(16.38km away [10.18 miles]) (12/17/2014 12:53:53 PM UTC -)
1,4US Earthquake Alcan
(49.54km away [30.78 miles]) (1/27/2014 6:58:13 AM UTC -)
1,9US Earthquake Alcan
(46.37km away [28.81 miles]) (12/21/2010 4:27:03 AM UTC -)
0,8US Earthquake Alcan
(5.34km away [3.32 miles]) (5/26/2003 12:25:34 PM UTC -)
2,1US Earthquake Horsefeld (historical)
(92.09km away [57.22 miles]) (10/24/2019 7:18:17 AM UTC -)
2,7US Earthquake Chisana (historical)
(70.57km away [43.85 miles]) (10/8/2019 6:47:38 AM UTC -)
2US Earthquake Nabesna
(89.97km away [55.90 miles]) (10/6/2019 2:54:25 PM UTC -)
1,6US Earthquake Chisana (historical)
(72.03km away [44.76 miles]) (9/20/2019 1:07:45 AM UTC -)
1,4US Earthquake Horsefeld (historical)
(70.67km away [43.91 miles]) (9/15/2019 10:13:42 AM UTC -)

Cities near Alcan

US Alcan Border6.10km away (3.79 miles)33 inhabitants
CA Beaver Creek41.07km away (25.52 miles)
US Charlieskin Village42.30km away (26.29 miles)
US Kathakne42.74km away (26.56 miles)
US Northway Junction43.13km away (26.80 miles)54 inhabitants
US Northway46.42km away (28.84 miles)71 inhabitants
US Northway Village48.34km away (30.04 miles)98 inhabitants
US Nabesna Village48.84km away (30.35 miles)
CA Snag55.27km away (34.35 miles)
CA Snag Junction60.36km away (37.50 miles)
US Horsefeld (historical)80.51km away (50.03 miles)
US Chisana (historical)80.72km away (50.16 miles)
US Tetlin81.75km away (50.79 miles)127 inhabitants
US Chisana85.34km away (53.03 miles)
CA Koidern89.84km away (55.82 miles)
CA Thistle Creek93.24km away (57.94 miles)
CA Kirkman Creek96.36km away (59.87 miles)
US Tetlin Junction96.94km away (60.24 miles)
US Nabesna101.55km away (63.10 miles)5 inhabitants
US Tok113.57km away (70.57 miles)1 258 inhabitants

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